Mountain Biking

About Me

Hello, my name is Sean Stiddard.

I have been a driving instructor (ADI) for 13 years, I love the job, it has given me the opportunity to help teach to drive hundreds of learners, many are still good friends.

Away from work, I have a lovely wife called Jo and a Labradoodle puppy called Dexter.  My family mean everything to me and I spend as much time with them as possible.

I love reading and have always got a few e-books and/or audio books ready on my e-reader which goes everywhere with me.

My other interests are all of the two wheeled variety, I love all motorcycles and bicycles.  I have built a number of motorbikes in the last 20 years and also love mountain bikes and BMX bikes.  When I was young I raced BMX for 2 major USA factory teams and I still have a collection of vintage BMX bikes.

I also have a love of martial arts, I am currently a 2nd dan black belt in Kickboxing and I used to be a Kickboxing instructor.  I am also trained in Karate.