Why Choose automatic driving lessons?

Automatic driving lessons can be ideal for anyone that struggles with changing gear, clutch control or someone that finds driving manual difficult. 


It also helps with learners that have mental health issues, anxiety problems and the like, driving automatic takes away a number of levels of confusion that you get in the manual car.  You immediately feel as though you can drive, which boosts your confidence and makes you feel that you will be able to pass your driving test.

Automatic driving lessons take away the stress of learning to drive and make the whole experience more relaxing and enjoyable.  Learning in an automatic car really can make a massive difference to your confidence and therefore means you learn quicker.

Above all, I think that learning to drive should be a fun and enjoyable experience, I want my learners to look forward to having a driving lesson, not dreading it.  If it is a horrible experience then you will not learn to drive well.  So we will have laughs and create memories that you can look back on long after you have passed your driving test and hopefully giggle at.